Santorini weddings reviews

Santorini Weddings reviews
 Dear Nikos and Anna,
now we've settled back into our daily life in Saint-Petersburg and we want to say hundred thousand thanks to you and to everyone who participated in any way in organization of our big day.
 Thank you, guys, for making our day so wonderful, so miracle and so fantastic. It's such a great job!
We really appreciate that we didn't need to care about anything. We just enjoyed that amazing day and our stay, and basked in each outher. Thank you for your attention to every issue, for quickly replies, for being ready to manage any issues and for being in touch all the time.
 santoriniphototour1Thank you for beautiful photos and video. All of these are imbued with love. We see that and just can't stop smiling. We're so happy!
Special thank to wonderful Anna. Thank you so much for all your support and everything you have done for us. You're so friendly, polite and positive person. All the very best to you! We'll miss you a lot =)
From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for making our stay in Santorini so memorable! We had such a wonderful time as the beginning of our family life. Who knows, maybe in some years we'll come back in Santorini and will have opportunity to see you again.
Best wishes,
 Vladimir and Vera
santori winery wedding

santori winery wedding

Thank you so very much for everything you have done for us and our marriage. We appreciate how quickly you have replied to all e-mails we have sent, and how well you answered all of our questions. You not only helped organize our ceremony, but relieved stress from planning. During our time in Santorini, you have also made yourself available to us if we had any questions, problems, or needed any other help. Thank you for that also. We were both very impressed with your professionalism and demeanor. Even when a problem arose (like the post office loosing papers) you remained upbeat and did all you could to remedy the matter. The ceremony was wonderful and the location was amazingly beautiful.
 Again thank you for everything,
Dear Nikos
santoriniphotography“We would like to thank Nikos and all the staff for an amazing day it was perfect and we loved every second of it. 
 The staff were great and looked after us and our guest so well, everyone was very impressed with the detail and care that went into every aspect of the day.
 Every one could not stop smiling the entire day and have all told us that they felt so welcome and looked after this shows in our photos and video which are both perfect.
 A very special thank you again to Nikos and also to our Celebrant John who helped make our day so special 
 Elizabeth & Gary Dalton
 Saturday, 2nd October 2010
Hi Nikos,
 I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to send a big "THANK YOU!!" for everything that you did to make our wedding day special. We had an amazing time and a memory for a lifetime. The location was beautiful and the pictures came out amazing! Please let your photographer know that we love the way the photos came out and everyone that we show them to think they are wonderful.
 Thank you again!!!
 Best regards,
 Nancy & Marcelo Tortora
 married 10/10/10
Dear Nikos,
oia I sent an email of thanks months ago, but just realized that it never went through to you :(
 Anyway, I just wanted to extend my greatest gratitude for all your hard work and efforts in making Matt and my wedding the most spectacular experience I have/will ever have in my life!!!!! Everything was so perfect, beautiful, and organized; Your staff were so helpful and pleasant; Your photographer and DJ were amazing and so accommodating; YOU were AMAZING throughout the entire process: dealing with a crazy, anxious bride and her parents isn't easy and you handled everything so gracefully, pulling off the most fantastic celebration for us all!! 
 I seriously cannot express to you how much I, Matt, and our families & friends loved the whole night and appreciated every moment - We all reminisce of this experience often, and it we owe this to you, so THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything !!!
 Hope you are well, and enjoying the most beautiful place on Earth.
 Mrs.Christine Ellie Kudla :)
Dear Nicholas and Santorini Wedding team
 Thank you for making our wedding day one to remember. 
 The photographer and stylist you arranged for us were amazing and we can't believe we got the chocolate cake we wanted! Everything was arranged months in advance of us arriving in Santorini, not when we got there. This kept us very calm in the build-up to the wedding. Louise was so helpful throughout, she made us feel extra special 
 and the whole day was so stress-free! 
 Our wedding day was perfect in every way and your overseas Wedding co-ordinator 
 must take a huge amount of credit for this.Mr & Mrs Allen
Hi Nikolas,
  Sorry we didn't get a chance to say good bye to you in Santorini.
 We had an awesome time with you and everything went so well.
 Pictures look great, haven't had time to see the dvd yet as we just got home. 
Thank you again for your wonderful service and arranging everything. 

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