Santorini Wedding Proposals

Design a fairy tale wedding proposal, unforgettable and a personal marriage proposal in Santorini that your future wife will remember for ever!

Plan your romantic Santorini wedding proposal for just the two you. Organize your wedding proposal at the balcony of your hotel or any private Santorini wedding  venue.  Is a great idea to plan your wedding proposal on a private wedding venue as Santo winery or the chapel of Saint Irini which they have fantastic views of Santorini Volcano, the Cyclades blue Ocean and the unforgettable Santorini sunset.   Some of our clients, choosing to have their wedding proposal during a photo tour on Santorini Island. Propose can be made at any time during the photo session in any location of Santorini.

Santorini Proposal wedding photo session?

We help plan a surprise engagement proposal, picking the perfect location in Santorini. I would recommend locations as Oia Village which is the hart of photographers spot with blue dome churches,white houses and small traditional streets which give you the perfect taste of santorini vacation photo session.

Why in Santorini?

Can I afford it?

Whether you're on holidays, doing your honeymoon, an engagement, elopement or pre-wedding trip, a photo shoot is a must for capturing your best moments (even a surprise proposal!). We have the best Santorini photographers for couple and family sessions.

The island of Santorini is most impressive when approached from the sea as you sail into the massive caldera, almost totally enclosed by sheer cliffs ranging in height between 200 and 400 meters. Along the gray-black lava cliff tops, the whitewashed settlements of Fira and Oia are the island's most alluring destinations. It is a romantic destination - popular with honeymooners, couples, and celebrities.

We believe that everyone should enjoy a professional Santorini photo shooting: 90% of our customers booked their first photo session with us, thanks to our transparent pricing offer.

Santorini wedding  Proposals

santorini proposal

Santorini wedding  Proposal Ideas

Our Full marriage Proposal Planning:

We will assist you from the moment you decide to ask for your partner hand in marriage to the time that she says “YES” with a fully planned service that will exceed your expectations! Our specialized marriage proposal planners can ensure you have all the right elements in place to create and execute a unique and unforgettable marriage proposal!

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We can provide you with everything you need for your unique event,including:

  • Idea creation

  • Photography proposal wedding package

  • Propose on a luxury yacht

  • surprise dinner at your hotel room that we can prepare everything as flowers, candle lights, rose petals, and anything else that you migth like for your special moment

  • Private gala dinner with a Caldera view restaurant with  surprises as photographer, videographer, flowers, musicians, flowers act!

  • A romantic evening walk to Fira, Oia Village or any other traditional village of Santorini until you find the “right” place that we will already have prepared with roses, flowers, balloons and of course with a champagne!

  • Photo tour around Santorini     Take pictures on the best locations of Santorini for up to 3 hours tours and more if you like, and stop in one of the most beautiful spot to propose during the photo session  See more
  • Magnificent locations

  • Exceptional vendors

  • Photographic and video records of the event

  • Performers

  • Expert coordination

santorini wedding proposal

santorini wedding proposal photography

Wedding Photography By Nikos

Warren and Saza proposal photos


Santorini wedding Proposal Packages ?



  • Take a 3 hours photo session on the best locations of Santorini and propose your your love one in any of the location you wish after communication with our Photographer. ( The cost for this package is 350 euros )




  • Propose during dinner at sunset time!

We will make a reservation for you at one of the caldera view restaurant over looking the Santorini Volcano and the ocean and you can have your special moment to propose after dinner at sunset which is the most romantic time in Santorini. Having a hidden videographer capture the special moment during the dinner and at the proposal time.

( The cost for this package is 450 euros )



Champagne for up to 2 persons and  3 hours photo session on the best locations of Santorini and propose your your love one in any of the location you wish after communication with our Photographer. ( The cost for this package is 400 euros )



PRIVATE DINNER ( full proposal package

You can choose between many proposal packages and venues to organise your proposal so it is just the way you want it to be, beach private dinner for just the two of you is a great idea.  See More