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Santorini Wedding Packages

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Santorini wedding Packages and prices

Santorini Wedding packages and the cost for a wedding in Santorini. See documents needed

Wedding Question! How much does a wedding in Santorini cost?  

It all depends on how much you want to spend for your wedding day> Our prices vary   from 600 - 3500 Euros.   

Santorini wedding Packages: We offered wedding packages for Symbolic wedding ceremonies, Civil weddings packages, Cruise boat clients wedding packages ( cruise boat clients wedding packages, are special made, for brides and grooms that are coming to Santorini with the cruise ships and they are stay on the Island for one day only )

We also have custom made wedding packages for Greek Orthodox wedding ceremonies. The wedding packages for Greece Orthodox weddings are for inside ceremonies as the local priests of Santorini are not performing ceremonies out side of the churches.

We know we have low cost prices for our wedding packages and the reason is that our works as an independent Santorini wedding planing company which means we are not rely on commission based third parties (agencies) who receive payment to recommend his services, we relies solely on our own marketing, website and the images we creates to attract clients looking for something different in their wedding day. We take  no more than 2 weddings per week and we deliver the pictures to you in 1 week from your wedding day!

Wedding Cost for Santorini Wedding Packages of Symbolic, civil and Greek Orthodox weddings


Symbolic Weddings - Renewal of Vows

It is so simple to organize a Vow renewal ceremony or a Symbolic wedding in Santorini! Best of all, there is no paperwork required!  It can even be an after thought whilst you are on holiday---get in touch with your wedding coordinator and he will guide you through the process and make a real difference to your anniversary vacation!

Read More


Cruise boat Clients Packages.

Cruise boat wedding package Designed for Symbolic - Renewal of Vows or legal wedding Ceremonies for clients that comes to Santorini for one day, we will come to meet you from any where in Santorini holding a sign with your name on! Read More


Marriage Proposal

Plan your romantic Santorini wedding proposal for just the two you. Organize your wedding proposal at the balcony of your hotel or any private Santorini wedding  venue.  Read More


Civil Wedding Packages.

Designed for Civil Santorini Weddings Ceremonies with low cost.
Civil weddings can take place almost everywhere on Santorini. The highly recommended locations are: In Fira, Imerovigli and Firostefani and generally all the western side of Santorini We can arrange a ceremony at a private veranda of your hotel, at Santo winery veranda . Read More


Church Orthodox weddings

Most of the Greek Orthodox ceremonies are performed inside the church and the best way to enjoin a Greek wedding is to choose a church that is on the cliff site of Santorini.

Legal Requirements |   Churches Read More


Customize your wedding

Customize your wedding package any way is best for you and your partner . The wedding packages above are to give you some ideas about the services that we have in Santorini and prices, but you have the priority to make your special as you like.Read More

 For all inclusive Wedding packages for Santorini weddings see this ling


Santorini Wedding reviews

Anison and John  (Santorini Wedding) - "I thought that because my husband and I were eloping we wouldn't need a planner. I was wrong and I am so glad we went with Nikos and Anna Alicja Pecak. Every person they recommended was spectacular. Our photographer Alex, our celebran and my makeup artist Diana, were all everything I could have ask for. And Nikos had awesome recommendations on ceremony locations as well. Whether you're planning a wedding from anywhere in Santorini I would highly recommend Nikos to any bride and groom." More reviews

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